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About Berni

Berni is in charge of strategy and growth and ensuring everyone pulls in the same direction toward a series of common goals for both TFS and Per-Scent. Berni facilitates the process and work with all the teams to achieve growth.

Berni has worked for the company twice, she loved it so much she came back! She came into the business originally as a Management Consultant for a beauty concept which including everything from concept to design and build through to the store opening. Through her demonstration of skills that could be utilized in other areas of the business she was appointed as Chief Strategy & Growth Officer.

Berni literally gets to work with all the teams in the business. Each team provide a different view point, play a different role; it’s wonderful to see the teams then collaborative with other stakeholders to bring in the business. In addition, all new initiatives like new store concepts beauty, niche and even international fall under her remit. This year, the launch of a TFS Flagship Store, the launch of Fraegra a completely new brand of store selling niche selling are proving an exciting concepts, she will lead on.

Another privilege for Berni is working as the point of contact for all our charity work in the business. This is both humbling and very rewarding.

Berni was previously an Army Officer for 10 years and with that comes inspirational leadership wrapped up with funny stories!



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